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The Devices That Monitor You: What They Are and How They Work




Devices That Monitor

Devices That Monitor

Leading a healthy lifestyle, according to strong and numerous scientific evidence, has enormous advantages in terms of primary and secondary prevention of many chronic-degenerative diseases. Some examples can be cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke, or arterial hypertension), diabetes, metabolic disorders, metabolic syndrome, etc.

But what exactly does a healthy lifestyle mean? It means having a correct diet, practicing constant physical activity, getting enough and good sleep, and eliminating the risk factors that are harmful to our health (smoking, first of all). All these ingredients are very important not only because they help prevent certain pathologies, but also because they help us maintain the ideal weight, improve mood, relieve stress, and increase the energy available to us.


Eating in a healthy and balanced way is the foundation of our health. It is essentially a matter of choosing good quality raw materials, taking care of cooking and seasoning the dishes and varying as much as possible. Alternating foods is essential as it reduces the risk of having nutritional deficiencies which over time could cause serious metabolic imbalances.

Physical activity

Physical exercise promotes a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being. The human body needs to move regularly to decrease the risk of muscle-joint, cardiovascular, metabolic and mental diseases (stress, anxiety and depression).

To keep a track of your physical activities like walking, running, jogging, etc. you can invest in a fitness tracker. One such tracker is KoreTrak that’s capable of tracking all key metrics like heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, etc. in less than 10 seconds. It has many other useful features. To know more about them, read this KoreTrak review.


The body needs a certain number of hours per day to rest, recover energy expended and carry out metabolic and regenerative functions. According to numerous studies, with the exception of infants and children, people should sleep 8 hours to get the most out of sleep. Not getting enough sleep results in a series of problems: accumulation of toxins, increased levels of stress/nervousness/depression, metabolic/cardiovascular/cognitive disorders, weakening of the immune system, insufficient cell regeneration, and oxygenation.

Risk factors

A risk factor is defined as a characteristic, condition, or behavior that increases the chances of contracting a disease. These factors can be behavioral, physiological, demographic, environmental and genetic. They often coexist and interact with each other. The risk factors that we can control are mainly behavioral such as smoking, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Nowadays, advanced technology has made available to us numerous wearable devices and apps that help us track physical activity and sleep. We can consider them in practice as a sort of personal bodyguards who watch over our bodies by offering us very detailed reports in real-time!

Here are some suggestions

Physical Activity Tracking Devices

One in three fitness enthusiast uses fitness or gym trackers to monitor the physical exercise. These are wearable smart devices (watches, bracelets, or clips) equipped with functions that allow you to follow your workouts with absolute precision, monitoring: heart rate, calories burned, kilometers, steps, and intensity of sports activity. Some fitness trackers also have GPS and internal memory that allows us to save our favorite songs to listen to while exercising. Here are the three best gym trackers on the market.

GymWatch: is a bracelet equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. They are three sensors that combined monitor and track every movement of the muscles in tension and at rest. The GymWatch analyzes the training in detail, also highlighting the mistakes made. The product is light, adjustable, and can be fastened to different arm heights. It uses an App dedicated to exercises and is compatible with any mobile device equipped with Bluetooth.

FitBit Blaze: is a watch that allows you to get detailed information on calorie expenditure during exercises with machines and weights. It measures the state of hydration, heart rate and allows you to view the exercises on the monitor so as to perform them correctly. It automatically monitors sleep, uses motion sensors and receives notifications from third-party applications such as WhatsApp and Skype. Finally, it features a dedicated sports mode for tracking running, cycling, cross-training and weightlifting exercises in the gym.

Basic Peak: is one of the most advanced fitness tracker watches due to the presence of four motion sensors. It is water-resistant, great for sleep quality control and can set up to 12 activities to monitor. It also monitors sweating, changes in body temperature, measures calories and heart rate. While it monitors our physical activity, it is also able to check notifications on the smartphone.

Sleep monitoring devices

Sleeping well and enough is one of the first rules for staying healthy. This is the reason why devices called sleep trackers are increasingly widespread, which helps us to monitor the quality of sleep in all its phases by analyzing nocturnal movements, sleep duration and respiratory rate. Here is a list of the best sleep trackers.

Fitbit Ionic: is an extremely accurate smartwatch as it provides a detailed breakdown of sleep phases and ensures constant heart rate monitoring. In sports, it is used for counting steps (integrated GPS), as a detector of training intensity and heart rate. The application connected to it presents the various sleep levels in a simple and clear way through detailed and easy to interpret graphics. Finally, with this device, it is possible to integrate up to 300 tracks to relax or practice sports.

Fitbit Alta HR: is a thin and cost-effective bracelet. It keeps track of sleep phases and tracks real night routine reminders over time. Thanks to the heart rate monitor function it can also be used to monitor intensity during exercise.

Jawbone UP3: is a very advanced bracelet designed to create detailed sleep analysis reports. Equipped with a wide range of sensors that allow you to record heart and respiratory rates, body temperature and galvanic skin response. It also provides useful and personalized tips to improve the quality of your sleep.


We can conclude by affirming with certainty that leading a healthy lifestyle improves both the quality and the duration of our life, not counting the fact that nowadays there is the opportunity to also ensure our well-being.

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