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A Whiplash Injury Sidelined Me

I was driving to the store a few months ago, and everything changed for me. That is a pretty harsh statement, but it is extremely valid too. I was going through a green light when my car was struck by someone going through a red light. I ended up with severe whiplash as a result. I thought it would be uncomfortable for a week or so, but the pain did not subside. That is when I knew I needed help, and that is how I found out about http://baggotlaw.com/whiplash-claims/. This is a legal firm that has solicitors who are ready to help people in my situation. I ended up missing a good bit of work because my job is very physical. When I can barely move my neck without pain shooting through my body, it is near impossible to do a job that requires constant movement. I was able to collect a bit on a disability insurance I have, but it was still not enough to satisfy my bills.… Read more

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When Neither Your Workplace or Their Insurance is on Your Side

Dad was afraid to hire a solicitor. He knew they did not come cheap. He is right about that. They are professionals who earn their keep. However, I explained to him about no win no fee solicitors who will take a case if it has merit, pay to file any paperwork and to do investigations for evidence and not charge any money unless they win a settlement. That all sounds great, and it basically is. However, you want to make sure you hire a great solicitor versus a mediocre one. There are plenty of firms out there that have no win no fee solicitors. Do not just settle for any of them. Pick the best that will take your case. Now there is also something else you need to understand. You really do need a good case. If it is very questionable, or if you are trying to game the system, you are not going anywhere.… Read more


Best Lawyers for Car Accident Claims

I have always been a safe driver and so I am still in a bit of shock that I was involved in a car accident, and more than that, it was a pretty bad crash. I know it wasn’t my fault, but what is so shocking about it is that there was really no way that I could have done anything avoid the crash. I am reading on www.personalinjurysolicitorsdublin.info/car-accident-claims to find out some information that I will need for submitting my car accident claim. I am looking to get a good lawyer to represent me going forward, because although I don’t look too much worse for the wear, after the accident, I did sustain a pretty nasty back injury as a result of collision. The doctors informed me that I had 3 fractured vertebrae and they are going to wait until they have had a chance to heal a bit before recommending any sort of treatment, surgical or otherwise.… Read more

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Patient Information About Prescription Drug Lawsuits

There have been many situations where patients receiving prescription medications have had bad reactions. The most known reactions to medications are the allergic ones. This is where the person’s body treats the medication as if it was an invader. Allergic reactions can lead to anaphylactic shock which is life-threatening. Other things can happen with prescribed drugs that are equally unintended such as what has been happening to lead to the Xarelto lawsuit claims being filed. Xarelto is supposed to thin the blood to prevent clots that can cause strokes. It can be a lifesaving medication for those who are at a very high risk for strokes due to clots. All medications have risks, but sometimes some serious reactions begin to occur with medications that were not expected or were not noticed during safety trials. For Xarelto it seems there is the possibility of severe bleeding occurring. What needs to be worked out in court is a lot of details that will take expert legal counsel to help with. The drugs in the class of blood thinners come with warnings that bleeding like that can occur in some people.… Read more

The Chance to Have a Life in the United States

The services offered by immigration lawyers in the USA are of great assistance when a person makes a decision to immigrate to the USA. The best immigration attorney in NYC can determine the most suitable visa category for you. They offer you an interactive, innovative, and easy-to-use questionnaire that asks for all the basic facts and information required to start your visa process. In addition to the above, the lawyers assist with investor visas, litigation and appeals, consular processing, permanent residence, student visas, and global visas. They also handle naturalization procedures of foreign nationals who wish to become US citizens, and legal issues associated with refugees. They advise clients on employment verification, government audits and investigations. Additionally, they obtain green cards for clients and advise them on strategic ways to obtain them fast.… Read more

Arianna Huffington Opts for Settlement in Huffington Post Theft Lawsuit

President and editor-in-chief of the AOL Huffington Post Media Group, Arianna Huffington.
The lawsuit against Arianna Huffington and Kenneth Lerer, co-founders of The Huffington Post has finally been settled. Democratic consultants Peter Daou and James Boyce accused the HuffPo founders of stealing their idea for the website back in 2004, which was proposed as a Democratic alternative to other prominent conservative news sites of the time. President and editor-in-chief of the AOL Huffington Post Media Group, Arianna Huffington. The plaintiffs claim that Huffington backstabbed Daou and Boyce after them agreeing to work on the project. Huffington allegedly underwent a joint proposal with potential investors secretly, and managed to raise $1 million without notifying Daou and Boyce, after which she dropped them from the project altogether. Although some accusations were shut down by the court, the judge allowed claims for idea misappropriation, fraud and unjust enrichment to advance. Huffington has denied all accusations of theft and attempted to win the case on a summary judgement motion last year. “The combination of pre-existing elements, what plaintiffs allege here, is not novel as a matter of law,” read the motion. “The record is clear, and plaintiffs concede, that each of the elements of their alleged idea existed in varying forms, on countless websites, prior to November 2004, when plaintiffs disclosed their idea to defendants.” Judge Charles Ramos allowed the case to continue to trial last February and engaged with Huffington’s attorney, Leslie Fagen, in an interesting debate about original content on the internet. He was quoted as saying: “Every idea that’s protected as novel is not really novel in that it’s based upon something that came before it…Every tool has elements that are not novel, but at some point that tool becomes novel. There’s something that’s added to the existing elements that makes it protectable. It seems a bit arbitrary and it’s very, very difficult… Read more

Arianna Huffington Gets $21 million from site sale

Further controversy arises around Huffington Post creator Arianna Huffington as Peter Daou and James Boyce, currently involved in a suit against Huffington, have caused AOL to go public with private documents about the site’s $315 million purchase and Huffington’s slice of the buyout. The documents were marked “Confidential” and “Attorney’s Eyes Only” and was prepared by Tim Armstrong for AOL board members. The memo was prepared days before AOL announced its purchase of Huffington Post, specifying various business and financial details surrounding the nine-figure deal, and also included Huffington’s “total deal consideration”. According to the report, Huffington – who started the site back in 2005, received roughly $24 million over the course of the deal. $3.4 million was in the form of other options that would manifest 20 months after the deal closed, and a further $3 million was in the form of stock options and units that resulted from her negotiated employment agreement. These numbers are a stark contrast to what many media outlets reported at the time of purchase, with some accusing Huffington of pocketing almost $100 million. In reality, Huffington’s share was likely to be less than what was earned by the site’s financial backers (Greycroft Partners and Softbank Partners) and totalled less than 7 percent of the total buyout. The document places high value to Huffington’s significance to the web site, acknowledging that her withdrawal from the site “could have a significant detrimental effect on the Company’s business.” AOL clarified that specific negotiations were centred around Huffington’s “name and brand” and subsequent “intellectual property rights”. AOL provided the document at the request of Boyce and Daou due to a subpoena request for details relating to purchase of the Huffington Post. Boyce and Daou claim that Huffington stole their idea for the Huffington Post Website from a… Read more

Arianna Huffington faces lawsuit for Trashing Historic Apartment

Arianna Huffington
Arianna Huffington founder and editor of the Huffington Post is in court again. This time it’s not for upsetting bloggers but rather trashing her rented apartment. Ex-landlord Eric Steel, a documentary maker and stepson of a famous New York Architect, is suing Huffington $500,000 to cover damages which are reported to include a blood covered mattress, gouges in the walls, scratches all over the floors, stains in the bathroom and candle wax and make-up covered window seats. The condition of the apartment is alleged to be the result of numerous big parties that Huffington (aged 63) hosted at the residence. Pictures from twitter show Huffington enjoying catered parties at what seems to be the apartment. High profile guests including Rupert Murdoch feature in some of the photos. Because the apartment was designed by step dad Charles Gwathmey, Steel’s famous architect step dad, it has historic value. Due to its somewhat delicate nature, Huffington was asked not to use the apartment for business matters or parties and she even signed a contract agreeing that she wouldn’t allow more than 12 guests into the apartment at any one time. Huffington denies the allegations, “Every single claim in this suit is false except the square footage and the address”. In her defense, it is rather difficult to imagine Rupert Murdoch doing a Charlie Sheen style room trashing let alone gouging the walls. But then again, I wouldn’t put it past him. Maybe he was just trying to hack Huffington’s phone line.… Read more

Arianna Being Sued for Stealing the Huffington Post

June Sarpong, Arianna Huffington, Donna Karan
June Sarpong, Arianna Huffington, Donna Karan Arianna Huffington is in hot water again as of Thursday when a New York judge refused to throw out a case accusing her of stealing the idea for the Huffington Post. This is the second time the case has refused to be thrown out since it began in 2011. Plaintiffs Peter Daou and James Boyce accuse Huffington and co-founder Ken Lerer of launching the site in 2005 based on the proposals of advisers Daou and Boyce, who suggested the idea in 2004, yet were dropped before the site’s launch. Daou claims that before being dropped, he suggested an idea about a “new kind of Democratic news-reporting website and blogging ‘ring’ or collective” which was then stolen and adapted into the Huffington. However for individuals to sue over idea in New York, it must be argued that the ideas are “novel and concrete” which will be the primary focus of the case were it to reach trial. The last year and a half have been wrapped in red-tape for Daou and Boyce until Thursday, when the courts allowed them to progress with trial. Courts ruled that the plaintiffs may argue theft accusation, fraud and unjust enrichment claims against Huffington, more than what was originally set out for. Jeff John Roberts of PaidContent had this to say about Thursday’s ruling: “Today’s ruling does not mean that Daou and Boyce have won the case. Instead, it means they have cleared a crucial procedural hearing and, thanks to the added claims, can proceed to a trial with a stronger hand.” The Huffington Post has also commented with confidence: “The court has made only a preliminary decision based solely on the uncontradicted allegations of the complaint and without any consideration of the proven facts. As we have said from… Read more

Huffington Post Unpaid Bloggers Case Dismissed

A lawsuit against AOL by Jonathan Tasini has been dismissed as of Friday. Tasini along with other unpaid bloggers for the Huffington Post claimed that parent company AOL deprived them of their share to the $315 million that was paid to purchase the site. The ruling was carried out by U.S. District Judge John Koeltl who rejected claims by social activist and commentator Tasini who claimed that the estimated 9000 unpaid content creators of The Huffington Post were entitled to $105 million. It was argued that the free content provided by unpaid bloggers was responsible for much of The Huffington Post’s value, and that co-creator Arianna Huffington was therefore guilty of unjust enrichment. Tasini claims that he alone had posted 216 submissions since 2005. However, Koeltl maintains that “no one forced” content creators to write for free on behalf of the website, writers posted what they wanted to post without restrictions or limitations from HuffPo. “The principles of equity and good conscience do not justify giving the plaintiffs a piece of the purchase price when they never expected to be paid, repeatedly agreed to the same bargain, and went into the arrangement with eyes wide open,” Koeltl wrote. Koeltl sided so strongly with the defendants that he dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning that the suit cannot be reopened. This was partly due to a rejected argument by the plaintiff which accused AOL of misleading the bloggers of how much revenue they were generating with their posts. A professor at Columbia Law School had strong opinions on the matter, expressing that bloggers gain a platform by posting on the site. Professor John Coffee said in an interview. “This is the electronic equivalent of someone writing a letter to the editor…You are rewarded by publication not by payment.” Mario Ruiz, spokesman… Read more

Johnathan Tasini Just Won’t Quit

Last week, labor activist and writer, John Tasini pledged a vendetta against Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post. Not only did he claim to personally make her life “a living hell”, but he also threatened to make her “a pariah in the progressive community” after comparing Huffington Post bloggers “modern day slaves”. Sounds completely sane, right? Tasini’s comments were made in light of a lawsuit he filed on the 12th of April against Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post and its new parent company, AOL. Tasini is under the impression that unpaid site contributors, including himself, deserve a slice of the pie from the site’s $315 million buyout from AOL. How much does he want, exactly? No less than $105 million of course, after all he’s a reasonable guy. Weak Legal Theories So what is the basis of this lawsuit exactly? Well it brings up an interesting question: Should all content creators be paid by the media sites they provide for? If the law rules that they should, how will lack of free content affect the creative market? How will it be enforced? Although the questions are valid, the means of answering them are not, as a trial court relies more so on weak legal theories than moral decision making. The main legal theory that Tasini is riding on is unjust enrichment. The argument follows that The Huffington Post makes an enormous amount of revenue by allowing people to contribute to the site for free, in exchange for exposure. As the “entirety of the financial gain” goes to the site, while bloggers go unpaid, despite their content generating a portion of revenue, it can be argued that HuffPo has been unjustly enriched. The theory of unjust enrichment is targeted at cases in which there is no binding contract between any… Read more

Unpaid Bloggers Take Huffington Post to Court

One of Huffington Post’s many unpaid contributors has recently filed a $105 million law suit as of April 12, targeting the very site they’re writing for. The suit filed by Jonathon Tasini is against the Huffington Post, its co-founders Arianna Huffington and Kenneth Lerer and also its new owner: AOL. Jonathan’s official title is writer and union organizer, though a more accurate title would be to call him yet another Winklevoss twin, suing for the chance to earn some easy cash. For those who don’t know, the Winklevoss twins were cast in The Social Network, the movie about Facebook – but what’s more interesting is that these twins sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 for allegedly stealing their idea for Facebook. Four years later, the Winklevosses settled with Facebook for what is now worth $200 million, but later returned to court hoping to swindle even more out of the deal. Earlier in April, Judge Alex Kozinski denied the request. Kozinski did not have kind things to say about the ordeal, he wrote that the “Winklevosses are not the first parties bested by a competitor who then seek to gain through litigation what they were unable to achieve in the marketplace. … At some point, litigation must come to an end. That point has now been reached.” Which begs the question, if Kozinski was able to see through the Winklevosses swindle, why did the judge of the original settlement not reject the claim in the first place? If only we could advance the judicial system enough to throw gold diggers out in the street before they kick up such a fuss. Jesse Strauss, one of Tasini’s lawyers, conceded he was taking shots in the dark when he spoke to Jeff Bercovici of Forbes’. “The legal theory we’re going on is… Read more